About me

I’m a PhD student in the Landscape Ecology and Conservation Group at the University of Queensland. I love being part of the LEC group. I’m constantly surprised at how the group somehow manages to both stand out from other ecology labs within UQ and yet maintains such strong, interconnected relationships with other collaborators. I guess you could probably call me a landscape ecologist/ ethologist/ ecophysiologist/ conservationist/ all round bird lover.

I love being a PhD student, or rather, a budding researcher. Yes, it is hard. Unbelievably hard! In so many ways. But what an absolutely fabulous opportunity – spending 3 years (okay, a tad optimistic) developing myself, being intellectually stimulated, studying a topic that fascinates me and working with creatures I love. I’m living the dream.

Of course, I can always do with tips, advice and ideas on how to succeed. Can’t we all?


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