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Why should a budding researcher blog?

Why bother? Especially if you’re always two steps behind a mountain of work. Why on earth would you want to add to your workload?

There are some great posts about the benefits budding researchers can gain from blogging, like here, here, here and here.

But for me, it all came down to one thing: I need to learn to find my voice. And I don’t mean that nasty little voice saying “Who are you to tell people how to think?”

For months I’ve been meaning to start drafting an article that presents a conceptual framework for thinking about how habitat fragmentation contributes to population declines through restricting movements, but to date I have not written one word. I’ve had some great reasons for not writing. I’ve been flat out in the field. I’ve been preparing for my first year milestone – the confirmation proposal and presentation. But what it really comes down to is that I’m just plain scared of putting my voice out there and being judged on what I say. Why should experienced scientists listen to me? I should be listening to them.

Except there’s a big problem with my thinking. Successful researchers can’t hide away. Science is founded on ideas, debate, refinement. I can’t wait until I attain some magical status as an experienced, knowledgeable, official researcher accepted by the scientific community before presenting my ideas. I need to learn to present them now. As a 2nd year PhD student. A PhD is a training ground. An apprenticeship. A time to learn to be open to vulnerability and master the things you’re most afraid of as a scientist-to-be.

Terrifying. Necessary.

So today I’m starting a blog to give myself a voice. Face vulnerability head on. And tomorrow? Well, watch out conceptual-framework-paper. Prepare to be tackled.